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Cercle Rohan

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Majid Boustany

M. Majid Boustany

Majid Boustany, founder and president of the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation, is the sponsor of the Ecole du Louvre 2021-2022 operation, an ambitious scheme focused on the Flora wing of the Louvre Palace, which included:

  • The reorganisation and extension of the library to give students and teachers a new place of study, specially adapted for the issues of today and tomorrow.
  • The creation of a research centre to strengthen the scientific research work carried out within the school by nearly 80 PhD students, and to provide the school with a dedicated structure for welcoming national and international researchers.
  • The reorganisation of documentary and IT services.

Nearly 1,300 square meters have been renovated thanks to this exceptional act of sponsorship to contribute to the development and influence of the Ecole du Louvre.


In 2023, this sponsorship was extended with the donation of new works of art put up in the hall of the Flore wing: 
Pi baroco n°2 bleu, 1=45° (2001) de François Morellet, et La Marseillaise (1997) de César.

Logo Fondation Culture et Diversité

The Fondation Culture & Diversité

The Fondation Culture & Diversité, chaired by Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, has been a partner of the school’s “Equal Opportunities” programme since 2006. The programme was born from the desire to democratise access to museum and heritage professions.

  • Raising students’ awareness of heritage and preparing for the entrance exam to the Ecole du Louvre
    College scholarship students who have chosen the art history option are supported, during their three years of college or A levels, to have every chance of joining the Ecole du Louvre. They benefit from information on professions, meeting professionals, and visit several major heritage sites guided by students from the school. The most motivated college students are then selected to participate in the “Equal Opportunities” internship, which offers intensive preparation for the school entrance exam.


  • Support for students admitted to the Ecole du Louvre, tutoring and housing financial support
    Students in the programme who are admitted to the school are supported by tutors, art history books are loaned to them and scholarship students who come from outside of Paris benefit from accommodation in partner Fondation Culture & Diversité hostels.
Logo Fondation Carasso

The Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso

The Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso created in 2009 in memory of Daniel Carasso, who founded Danone in France, and his wife Nina, supports projects which are in the public interest and in two major areas: food and nutrition on the one hand, and art on the other, including actions relating to research and training in these two areas.

It provided support to the Ecole du Louvre by granting an exceptional sponsorship intended to develop its third cycle of research. Thanks to this, it was possible to form a permanent research team and launch a number of programmes. The school was able to:

  • recruit on fixed-term contracts with assigned resources for teacher-researchers to form its research team (part-time positions);
  • fund research scholarships for third-cycle students;
  • develop a space intended for teacher-researchers;
  • welcome guest researchers;
  • create an online magazine based on articles written by students and/or teachers;
  • organise international conferences.

It was a crucial boost for the development of research at the École du Louvre which has been reaffirming its position in the landscape of higher education.

To ensure and consolidate the development of the school, the Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso has funded a fundraising consultancy committee to increase the school’s sponsorship resources (2019-2021), as well as a four-year contract for a sponsorship and fundraising manager which is not counted as part of the school’s employment budget. The foundation also provided the Ecole du Louvre with exceptional support to fight against students’ economic difficulties created by the Covid pandemic and create emergency financial support for French and foreign students. The equivalent of full scholarships, as well as complimentary funding, were given out on a case-by-case basis to young people enrolled at the Ecole du Louvre.


The Fondation Malatier-Jacquet housed at the Fondation de France

A collector, scholar and iconic personality in the art world, Jacques Malatier (1926-2017) gathered an exceptional collection over 30 years which was disseminated in 2017 for the benefit of La Fondation de France - which itself created a foundation carrying his name.

Its purpose is the restoration and development of real estate or furniture of the Château de Versailles and the Château de Chambord, the awarding of scholarships to French students designated by the executive committee of the foundation, as well as the funding of scholarly publications about art, history and science, in competition with the CNRS and the CNL.

The Fondation Malatier-Jacquet has been a sponsor of the Ecole du Louvre since 2019, as part of the development of international mobility actions and has offered, for three years, five scholarships (5,000 euros) allowing selected students to fund a study and research stay or an internship abroad.

Building on the proven helpfulness of these scholarships, the foundation has decided to renew its support for another three years, and to double the number of scholarships to 10 from the 2022-2023 school year.

Logo Fondation Antoine de Galbert

The Fondation Antoine de Galbert

After the closure of the Maison Rouge, the Fondation Antoine de Galbert, refocused its sponsorship activities to different areas, but still linked to contemporary art, art history and its key players. In 2019, it became a sponsor of the Ecole du Louvre, as part of the development of its third cycle and its research activities.

At the start of the 2019 school year, research and mobility grants were given out and offered doctoral students excellent conditions for them to carry out and successfully complete their work. Several applicants are selected each year for the originality and quality of their work in art history and museology and benefit from this exceptional support.

At the same time, sensitive to the situation of students since the pandemic, the foundation has funded life grants for first-year students since the 2020-2021 school year.

Meyer Foundation for Cultural and Artistic Development

The Meyer Foundation for Cultural and Artistic Development was born of the desire of its founders, Philippe Meyer (1925-2007) and Vincent Meyer, to create a lasting philanthropic entity with the ambition of supporting projects in the field of the arts, culture and, more generally, knowledge. A family foundation, it is driven by the desire to allocate its donations in particular to the training of young people, by awarding grants.

A loyal supporter of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris and the Bonnard Museum, in 2020 the Meyer Foundation became a patron of the École du Louvre via its Endowment Fund. Over a three-year period, 10 students selected on the basis of academic and social criteria have been awarded a living grant each year. The first class of Fondation Meyer scholarship holders was selected in September 2020.

The Meyer Foundation for Cultural and Artistic Development has decided to continue its support for the school by increasing the number of scholarships awarded from 10 to 12 until 2025.

Cercle Jaujard

Discover our sponsors belonging to the Cercle Jaujard.

Logo FB

Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation

The Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation is a non-profit institution dedicated to the study of the work of Francis Bacon. It awards scholarships in three different categories:

  • Research: short or long-term academic research on the work of Francis Bacon, his life and his working methods (publications of doctoral theses and other independent research works);
  • Support for artists: by providing support to emerging artists working in various media in correlation with the philosophy of the foundation;
  • And any other type of project related to Francis Bacon.

The Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation awards every four years a research grant to a third-cycle doctoral student from the school whose work relates to Francis Bacon or who has a direct link with the British artist (comparative study between Bacon and one or more artist(s), thematic studies relating to his work or his pictorial practice, etc). A research project that can be expanded and framed around multidisciplinary questions such as literature, decorative arts, cinema and photography, in relation to Francis Bacon.

2016 scholarship
“From the library to life: a reading of the iconographic territory of the work of Francis Bacon”
by Milan Garcin (École du Louvre/University of Paris Nanterre).

2020 scholarship
“Francis Bacon and Parisian collections”
by Cerise Thelwall Doussot (École du Louvre/University of Neuchatel).

Logo Académie des Beaux-Arts

The Académie des beaux-arts

The Académie des beaux-arts is one of the five academies which form the Institut de France, also made up of the Académie française, the Académie des Sciences, the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres and the Académie des Sciences morales et politiques. Its aim is to “contribute to the defence and illustration of France’s artistic heritage, as well as to its development, while respecting the pluralism of expressions”.

In order to fulfil its missions of supporting creation, the Académie des beaux-arts pursues sponsorship action in diversified forms in France and abroad: granting numerous prizes to beginner or established artists, organisation of competitions, funding of artistic residencies, and awarding aid to artistic projects, events or associations. It also maintains an active partnership policy with a large network of cultural institutions and sponsors.

Sensitive to the Ecole du Louvre’s work in favour of equal opportunities, such as the opening of the Student House and the establishment of living scholarships, and faced with a growing need for financial support for the youngest and most vulnerable students, the Académie des beaux-arts has offered its support to offer 10 life scholarships, in particular to first-year students homed at the Student House, for the 2022-2023 school year.

Logo Fondation Etrillard

Fondation Étrillard

The Fondation Étrillard is a non-profit organisation under Swiss law. In accordance with the wishes of its founder, it is active in the canton of Geneva, in Switzerland and in Europe, mainly in France, Italy and Germany, and encourages all charitable and cultural initiatives that reconcile European tradition and culture with the contemporary world.

The Foundation has a collection that is partly accessible to the public, and awards grants for projects to restore historical, civil or religious sites and monuments that are open to all. It also supports research and musical events that help to promote original musical writing from the Middle Ages to the present day, as well as programmes linked to art history and heritage.

With the École du Louvre, the Fondation Étrillard has decided to support, via the Endowment Fund, an original research project devoted to the links and correspondences between the arts of the past and the arts of the present, through a grant awarded to a postgraduate student for the three years of his or her thesis (2021-2024). The Foundation also funds living grants for undergraduates.

Fondation d’entreprise La France Mutualiste

La France Mutualiste is a mutual insurance and savings advisory group that has always focused on veterans, their families and loved ones. Created in 2012, its corporate foundation's mission is to support and develop actions linked to the preservation and transmission of memory, particularly for younger generations "so that everyone can look forward to tomorrow without forgetting yesterday".

This is why the Fondation d'entreprise La France Mutualiste has become a patron of the École du Louvre, via its Endowment Fund, with the launch of 3 annual scholarships (2020, 2021 and 2022) for students studying military heritage and archaeology at undergraduate or postgraduate level. Since 1980, the École du Louvre has been the only French higher education establishment to offer a full degree course in this field, which is also open to independent students.

The first winners of the 3 Fondation La France Mutualiste life scholarships were selected on the basis of academic and social criteria in September 2020.

The Fondation La France Mutualiste has decided to continue its support for the École du Louvre by again offering 3 scholarships a year to undergraduate and postgraduate students studying heritage and military archaeology, until 2026.

Cercle Carrousel

Discover our sponsors belonging to the Cercle Carrousel.

Logo CA IDF Mecenat

The Crédit Agricole d'Île-de-France Mécénat

The Crédit Agricole d'Île-de-France Mécénat’s two missions are the preservation of the Ile-de-France heritage and supporting of young talents. Ten years after its creation, the endowment fund has already supported more than 110 projects and hundreds of young conservators, restorers, artists, researchers and athletes in Île-de-France.

In 2022, Crédit Agricole d'Île-de-France Mécénat becomes a sponsor of the Ecole du Louvre and subsequently offered each year for three years four scholarships to four Master 1 students working on Ile-de-France heritage. The objective is to allow deserving students in greatest need to benefit from financial support while promoting research into the heritage of the Île-de-France region and promoting this heritage.

Deeply linked to its region, Crédit Agricole d'Île-de-France supports more than 1.6 million customers on a daily basis: individuals, professionals, SMEs, large companies, associations and public authorities. It always aims to be useful to its local territory, both through its role as a major economic player, and also through the continued support of local actions of its 52 local banks and its endowment fund.

Logo Gandur

The Fondation Gandur pour l’Art

The Fondation Gandur pour l’Art was created in 2010 by Jean-Claude Gandur in order to make its international collections accessible to a wide audience. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, and recognised as being in the public interest, the Foundation works to preserve, document, enrich and exhibit its collections in renowned institutions across Switzerland and abroad.

The foundation also supports higher education and research in art history and museology, through master’s or PhD scholarships intended for talented students, whose research themes match with the collection’s art works.

In 2021, the Fondation Gandur pour l’Art decided to support young researchers in art history at the École du Louvre by offering four scholarships for four students selected in the first year of the second cycle (Master 1).

These scholarships will be extended to the same students for their second year of the second cycle (Master 2).

In 2023, the Fondation Gandur pour l'Art has decided to renew this sponsorship and is now offering 5 scholarships (€5,000) to students in their second cycle, to follow them for 2 years. A fund reserved for emergency aid has also been set up for the most precarious students in need of one-off assistance.


The Fondation Marc de Montalembert

La Fondation Marc de Montalembert,housed at the Fondation de France, was created in 2001. It promotes dialogue between Mediterranean cultures,  supports the realisation of cultural projects by young people in the region and hosts intercultural meetings at its headquarters in Rhodes, Greece.

The Fondation Marc de Montalembert, who has been in collaboration with the Ecole du Louvre since 2021, wished to support the completion of research work which contributes to a better knowledge of the arts and culture of the Mediterranean world, through the Prix Marc de Montalembert award.

The winner receives 9,000-euro grant and gains access to the Research Centre of the Ecole du Louvre for a month.
They are also supported for a year through scientific advice from a member of the research team. The results of their research are published and disseminated with the assistance of the Ecole du Louvre.
The Fondation Marc de Montalembert also offers the winner the opportunity to stay at its headquarters in Rhodes, Greece.


The winner of the Prix Marc de Montalembert 2024 is Alessandro Serrani. The Prize supports his research on "Work and art. Professional guilds in the Bolognese Renaissance" at the University of Bologna (Italy). 


The Fondation Simone et Cino Del Duca housed at the Institut de France

Created in 1975 by Simone Del Duca in honour of her husband, a sponsor and a big name in the press industry, the Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation has been housed at the Institut de France since 2005. Its aim is to promote the arts, literature and sciences across France and abroad.

The Ecole du Louvre was chosen in 2022 by the foundation to support three students specialising in the History of Cinema through a scholarship. The objective of these scholarships is to enable students with limited financial resources to devote themselves to their studies in a very specific field, with complete peace of mind.

Statues et façade de l'École du Louvre

The Fondation Léonard Gianadda Mécénat

The Fondation Léonard Gianadda Mécénat aims to continue the commitments and financial support provided by Léonard Gianadda throughout his life. As an extension of his charitable actions, both social and in favour of culture, he wished to support, through two scholarships, students of the Ecole du Louvre who are among those in greatest need during the year 2022 -2023.

Fondation Clarence Westbury

Sheltered by the Fondation de France, the Clarence Westbury Foundation supports projects in various fields of general interest: culture, particularly modern and contemporary art, social action and medical research.

The Clarence Westbury Foundation was created in 2000 under the aegis of the Fondation de France, on the initiative of Jacques Boissonnas, an entrepreneur and art enthusiast. This foundation is part of a strong family tradition of commitment and patronage, particularly in the field of modern and contemporary art, in France and abroad.

Reflecting its founder's attachment to culture and art, the Clarence Westbury Foundation particularly supports modern and contemporary art, and in particular the building of collections in museums dedicated to this field. It is also active in the field of social action, promoting the care of vulnerable children and adolescents. Finally, the foundation funds medical research, with a particular focus on cancer research.

The Clarence Westbury Foundation will become a patron of the École du Louvre in 2021 via its Endowment Fund, and each year it finances scholarships for first-year students. 

Fondation pour l’Art et la Recherche

Housed within the Fondation pour la Sauvegarde de l'Art Français, the mission of the Fondation pour l'Art et la Recherche, which was set up in 1963, is to promote the study, protection, enhancement and dissemination of France's artistic heritage, in particular through initiatives aimed at promoting and disseminating art history in society, in particular through the publication of research work and participation in projects designed to facilitate access to knowledge of this heritage for new audiences. It also works in other areas of culture, such as supporting creative work and artistic education.

Each year, the Prix Jean-Pierre Germot is awarded to the École du Louvre's best doctoral student, selected by a jury. This aid enables the winning researcher to complete his or her doctoral thesis in the best possible conditions.

As part of a partnership, the Fondation pour l'Art et la Recherche has also launched the Prix des meilleurs mémoires de recherche de l'École du Louvre, which rewards two research dissertations a year with the aim of facilitating their publication and dissemination.

Cercle Flore

Discover our patrons belonging to the Cercle Flore.

Logo Fédération du Lyceum Club International

The Fédération française du Lyceum Club International

The Fédération Française du Lyceum Club International, created in 1963, is part of the international association of Lyceum Clubs. Reserved for women who are interested in the arts, letters, sciences, social issues, progress and the promotion of knowledge, in a spirit of friendship and openness to the world, the clubs organise various activities and cultural and sociability outings. To honour its vocation of promoting culture and knowledge, the Lyceum Club International (LCI) regularly sets up sponsorships or support actions with the institutions concerned.

This desire for support coincides with the projects of the Ecole du Louvre in favour of equal access to its higher education and research in art history, and success for all.

Thus, the federation has become a sponsor of the school and will offer each year for three years a scholarship with a view to facilitating research linking art history, history of collections or museology with the question of the feminine in the broad sense, to a second or third-cycle student, from 2022-2023 to 2024-2025.



Matmut is involved in several aspects of societal life. It chose to be present, among other things, in the cultural field. Solidarity and sharing constitute the very principle of the mutualist spirit. We view philanthropic action in the cultural field as a natural extension of our involvement in the lives of all. To embody our commitment, we created the “Matmut pour les arts” programme with the desire to develop a clear cultural policy whose objective is to make culture accessible to as many people as possible.

logo interconstruction

Fonds de dotation Interconstruction

The Fonds de Dotation Interconstruction is an endowment fund which focuses on education in the broad sense, as a rich and favourable breeding ground for the progression of individuals. Educational projects help open the eyes of the wider public, trigger questions and encourage everyone to conscientiously shape the city of tomorrow.

Logo Per-Fumum

Fonds de dotation Per Fumum

Named Per Fumum in the image of perfumes that leave their wake when they evaporate, the Per Fum Endowment Fund, created in 2019 by Francis Kurkdjian, was born of his sincere desire to make the heritage of perfume a footprint, a heritage and a support to see far ahead and get moving. The purpose of the Per Fumum Endowment Fund, in France and abroad, is to preserve and promote France's tangible and intangible olfactory heritage, to support and promote contemporary artistic creation related to perfume, to organise and support educational and social initiatives related to perfume, particularly for the benefit of disadvantaged groups or those with little exposure, and to organise and support scientific research into perfume and the sense of smell.

It is in this context that the Per Fumum Endowment Fund has decided to support a doctoral research grant on perfumery for a postgraduate student at the Ecole du Louvre.

Fondation Louis Le Masson et François Masson, Académie des beaux-arts, Institut de France

Housed within the Académie des Beaux-Arts, the Louis Le Masson and François Masson Foundation was created in 2023 in memory of these two brothers, who were respectively architect-engineers and sculptors at the end of the 18th century. Its aim is to support artistic creation and access to culture and art by awarding grants, supporting residencies for researchers and organising prizes.

The Louis Le Masson and François Masson Foundation has decided to award two living grants to École du Louvre students in financial difficulty during the 2023-2024 academic year.

Paris + par Art Basel

The École du Louvre has been a partner of contemporary art since 2022, joining forces with Paris + par Art Basel, a major modern and contemporary art fair in Paris, and its public programme, which presents a range of works by both emerging and established artists, and explores the place of art in urban spaces. As part of this event and partnership, an educational mediation exercise is offered to students at the École du Louvre. For the 2023 edition, around thirty works were presented and commented on daily by young art historians from the École du Louvre.

As a continuation of this project and in support of the students at the École du Louvre, Paris + par Art Basel has decided to provide financial assistance by offering two living grants to complement the educational activities devised in partnership with the École du Louvre.

L'Association du souvenir de Ferdinand de Lesseps et du Canal de Suez

Former sponsors

Find out more about the École du Louvre's former sponsors.

Logo Haute-Savoie

Haute-Savoie Departmental Council

The Haute-Savoie Departmental Council has embarked on a project to create a new departmental museum to showcase the 77,000 items in its collections, including a major fine arts collection. Acquired in 1978, the Chastel collection comprises a body of more than 80 works that belonged to the general of the same name, a baron of the First Empire from Haute-Savoie, whose military effects are kept at the Thonon-les-Bains museum. His important collection of paintings has now been divided between the Département, the City of Geneva and his descendants.

Against this backdrop, the Haute-Savoie Departmental Council has decided to support a postgraduate student at the École du Louvre with a €4,000 grant to write a thesis on the collection housed by the Department. The aim of the thesis will be to study the collections of First Empire generals, including that of General Pierre Louis Aimé Chastel (1774-1826).

Applications are open until 12 May 2024. Link to application form.