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The Ecole du Louvre encourages students to carry out internships, particularly from the third year and during school holidays.


Internships are exclusively reserved for students who are currently studying at the Ecole du Louvre. They have an initial or cumulative duration which cannot exceed six months. An internship may be the subject of a financial bonus (see current legislation).

Only Master 2 internships are compulsory. The duration varies depending on the course, i.e. two or three months minimum.

Attending an internship is never a valid excuse to miss classes or exams.

Looking for an internship

Internship offers can be viewed on your private Extranet account.

A file with offers is also available in the school, in the Hall Jaujard, to the left of the staircase leading to the amphitheatres.

Go to the dedicated page.

If you would like to offer an internship

Are you an institution, a museum, a cultural administration, a culture and heritage professional, an art market professional or even a gallery owner?

If so, and if you wish to offer an internship to our students, send your offer to the following address:


Employer, the Junior-enterprise can respond to one-off missions.

If you wish to participate in the school life while developing professional skills, join the Junior-enterprise.


Useful information: 


[email protected]

Phone number : 01 55 35 18 31