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Student training

Be a graduate of the École du Louvre or preparing for the competitive examinations for heritage curators and heritage restorers

First cycle at the École du Louvre

Two fundamental and original elements constitute the specificity of the pedagogy of the first cycle at the École du Louvre: its programme and its meth…

Second cycle at the École du Louvre

The second cycle of the École du Louvre takes place over two years, each culminating in a diploma.

Third cycle at the École du Louvre

A three-year postgraduate course concludes the entire course of study at the École du Louvre. This cycle culminates in a 'Diplôme de troisième cycle d…

The École du Louvre offers courses in art history, archaeology, epigraphy, anthropology and museology. It offers its students a three-cycle curriculum leading to the award of diplomas: a post-master's diploma in 'Research in art history, archaeology and museology', a preparatory class for the competitive examination to become a heritage curator, and a preparatory class for the competitive examination to become a restorer.

Entry to the first year of the first cycle, which is open to holders of the French baccalaureate or an exempt diploma, is conditional on passing an entrance exam.

Most of the teaching staff are museum curators and heritage professionals.

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The Student House

Since the start of the school year 2021, the Ecole du Louvre’s Student House has welcomed roughly 50 students who are in their very first year at the …

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How to apply?

There are three ways to apply for an undergraduate course at the École du Louvre, whether in the first, second or third year.

The three routes offered to candidates for undergraduate courses at the École du Louvre are the competitive entrance exam (with pre-selection via Parcoursup) for first-year entry, the literary test bank for third-year entry, and application on the basis of portfolio by equivalence for second- or third-year entry.