Façade de l'École du Louvre


The three routes offered to candidates for undergraduate studies at the École du Louvre are the competitive entrance exam (with Parcoursup pre-selection) for access to the first year, the literary test bank for access to the third year, and application on the basis of portfolio by equivalence (possible access from the second year to the third cycle).

Entrance exam

Admission to the first year of undergraduate studies at the École du Louvre is subject to passing the entrance exam.
You can register for the entrance exam on the Parcoursup website.
The entrance exam is held in April.

Bank of literary exams and equivalence

Admission to the third year of the first cycle:
The École du Louvre offers an entry route from the BEL to the third year of the first cycle for CPGE students who have completed at least two years of preparatory classes (Hypokhâgne and Khâgne) with an option in Art History.

Admission by equivalence

Applications for admission by equivalence may be made by students from French or foreign universities or higher education establishments.
The online application form is available from 15 April.
The entire form must be completed by 31 May.