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Ecole du Louvre Endowment Fund

From one generation to the next, it is crucial to encourage the transmission of the values of conservation of cultural property and support the training of future defenders of the world’s heritage.


Set up in 2020, the Ecole du Louvre Endowment Fund aims to support and develop, in a long-term and sustainable manner, any action in the public interest which is linked to the safeguarding, knowledge and transmission of art and heritage history. This includes high-quality teaching, research, training, conservation and promotion efforts.

The aim of the Endowment Fund is to help the Ecole du Louvre create better study conditions, reinforce students’ excellence through international openness and significantly develop the equality of opportunities - so that current students can become the next recognised professionals in a community open to the world.

The Ecole du Louvre Endowment Fund is a non-profit private legal entity and was created for an unlimited period of time. Its resources are invested ethically by its board of directors so as to always respect its public interest mission. It mainly invests to support:

  • Students thanks to living or mobility grants,
  • Young researchers thanks to research grants and funding for ambitious programs,
  • Teachers and the general public through the development of innovation in digital pedagogy.


Are you a French individual or company?

Choose to support the Ecole du Louvre Endowment Fund and you will benefit from a tax reduction of 66% of the donation amount (up to 20% of net taxable income).

How can I donate?

  • Via cheque

I am sending my cheque for the attention of the endowment fund called Fonds de dotation de l’Ecole du Louvre to:

Fonds de dotation de l’École du Louvre

Palais du Louvre, Porte Jaujard

Place du Carrousel

75038 Paris cedex01


  • Via bank transfer

To the Fonds de dotation de l’École du Louvre bank account (adding my name as a reference): 

CIC Paris Opéra Bourse. 

RIB : 30066 10005 0002058601 31 

IBAN : FR76 3006 6100 0500 0205 2860 131 


How to get further information:

Fonds de dotation de l’École du Louvre, Palais du Louvre, Porte Jaujard, Place du Carrousel, 75038 Paris cedex 01.

Email : [email protected]