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Post-master’s research in art history, archaeology and museology

Post Master
The Post-master’s research in art history, archaeology and museology is aimed at students who successfully completed a Master 2 at the Ecole du Louvre or a Master 2 in art history, archaeology or museology in a university and who plan to conduct a thesis as part of the Ecole du Louvre’s third cycle or in a PhD in co-supervision with one of the school’s 22 partner universities.

Back to school day

Thursday 26 October 2023 5PM


Three observations

The last semester of the master 2, dedicated to the writing of the dissertation which crowns the school’s second cycle and is defended by students at the end of the academic year, does not always allow students to develop a thesis project that is developed enough to prove relevant during the third cycle.
In the same way, it is often difficult to choose a thesis director because of the lack of time.
PhD students, during their first year, are often disconcerted by the solitude of their daily lives as young researchers. They ask for more meetings, both with established researchers and with their peers.


Three objectives

  • Strengthening the student's agility in the research environment, particularly in the world of museums and heritage, in mastering sources and resources (archives, libraries, documentation centres at museums and heritage establishments, etc.).
  • Coming up with a relevant research topic, evaluating its desirability and feasibility within the three-year duration planned for the PhD. Develop topic’s broad outlines (stakes, context, critical analysis),
  • Consolidating individual and collective working methods through seminars, workshops and regular meetings evaluated by ECTS credits.

Delivery of the post-master’s diploma (DE- diplôme d’établissement)

The school year will be evaluated in 60 ECTS credits as follows:

  • Participation in the “Research methods and instruments” seminar:
    12 credits
  • Participation in a seminar (of your choice): 6 credits
  • Participation in a workshop: 6 credits
  • Research project: written = 30 credits; oral presentation = 6 credits

How to register

Admission for the Ecole du Louvre  students:
The course is accessible to students who obtained the “Second cycle diploma from the Ecole du Louvre” after examination of their education history, with a minimum grade of 14/20 required for their master’s dissertation.

Admission for external students:
Requests for admission by equivalence can be made by students from French or foreign universities or higher education establishments.

The online application form will be available from mid-April.
After validation of the form, the entire file must be returned no later than May 31 for the summer commission, and no later than October 1 for the autumn commission.

Complete the online application form.

Selection criteria:

The quality of the thesis project is a determining criterion for selection. Once academic admissibility has been established, the candidates are received by a member of the research team for a preliminary educational interview, then education history is examined by the research validation committee.

Registration fee for post-masters (2023-2024): 274 euros.
Special rate for further education interns.

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