Salle commune de la maison des élèves

The Student House

Since the start of the school year 2021, the Ecole du Louvre’s Student House has welcomed roughly 50 students who are in their very first year at the school, have a scholarship, and come from a deprived background or are far from their family, into a special location in the heart of Paris which is only a 15-minute walk from their school.

Introducing the Student House

With a 16,145sqft space located in the centre of Paris, five storeys, almost 5,400sqft of communal space (common room, reading room, study room, libraries, dining room, kitchenette, kitchen, laundry room, etc), single and double rooms, and university restaurant Mabillon nearby,  the Ecole du Louvre’s Student House gives young undergraduates living and working conditions that are adapted to ensure a serene time while studying, close to their school as well as Parisian museums, monuments and institutions, which they study and are passionate about.

In pictures

Détails entrée École du Louvre

How to apply?

Applications are submitted through Parcoursup.

The sponsors

  • L’atelier Mériguet-Carrère 
  • Les ateliers Jouffre 
  • 2TF (Ravalement-isolation-peinture) 
  • STO
  • Grohe
  • Ege Carpets
  • Sonepar
  • Témahome 
  • L’hôtel Le Meurice 
  • Fase/ADN
  • Beissier 

The Student House’s other supporters: Florence (+) et Jean-Pierre Camard (+), Yves Badetz, Be Sunshine, Laurent de Commines, Sr Odette François (+), Hervé Lugardon, Jacqueline Lugardon, André Levy, Bertrand Meyrat, Sophie Mouquin, Opera print.

For their help and advice, thank you to Luc Bouniol-Laffont, Jean-Marcel Camard, Laurence Cheneval, Valentin Cordier, Fabien Coubard, Michael Demandrille, Alain Dubois, Michel Faure, Rémi Freguin, Pierrick Frouin, Emmanuel Fusiller, Benoit Gélez, Éric Gizard, Laurent Gosseaume, Jean Guéguinou (+), Julien Gurhem, Florette Hayot-Camard, Nathalie Honnart, Thierry Jatteau, Stéphane Josserand, Charles Jouffre, Quentin Leborgne, Guy Lemetais, Romain Lépinois, André Levy, Hortense Moisand, Philippe Moreau, Laurent Petitgirard, Esther Pinabel, Anne Pingeot, Gérald Ramez, Claude Roux, Céline Tamaillon, Patrick Torcol, Christian et Nathalie Volle, Soizic Wattinne, Pierre-Yves Zentar…


The École du Louvre also thanks:

L'Académie des Beaux-Arts 
La Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso 
La Fondation Khôra
Le Fonds de dotation de l'École du Louvre et ses soutiens 
La Fondation Antoine de Galbert 
La Fondation Clarence Westbury 
La Fondation Étrillard
La Fondation France Mutualiste
La Fondation Léonard Gianadda Mécénat
La Fondation Meyer
La Société des Amis du Louvre
and anonymous donators
who allow lifelong scholarships to be given out to students who live at the École du Louvre’s Student House.