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Student representatives and elections

Students are involved at different levels in the life of the school, whether they are elected representatives attending the board of directors, studies and research council, etc., or education correspondents selected as part of each first-cycle specialising course, each year of the three cycles and the preparatory class for heritage conservator entrance exams.

The elected representatives

Students are elected for a one-year mandate. All students registered for the school year during which the elections take place are eligible to vote. Candidatures are usually to be submitted in February for elections taking place in March.

Interested students apply to one of the following two bodies: the board of directors or the studies and research council.



  • The board of directors: A student representative and their substitute.

As a public administrative establishment, the Ecole du Louvre is managed by a director assisted by a director of studies and a general secretary and administered by a board of directors, made up of 15 members including a student representative and their substitute.

It deliberates on the general orientations of the establishment or issues such as the budget.


  • The studies and research council: two student representatives and their substitutes.

The studies and research council is consulted on all questions relating to teaching and research programmes, education system and the structure of diplomas.

This body is made up of 17 members, including two student representatives.


  • School life committee

This body, which meets two to three times a year, examines requests for financial aid and decides on actions carried out within the framework of the CVEC (student and campus life contribution). Students elected to the board of directors (CA) and the studies and research council (CER) sit on this commission.


The complete composition of the CA and CER of the Ecole du Louvre can be found on the school's website.


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Education correspondents

The education correspondents are chosen by students, within each specialising course, cycle of studies, in each master's course or preparatory class.

As a course representative, they are the preferred contact for the management, administration and teaching staff of the Ecole du Louvre for questions concerning the running of courses, exams and education system. 

At least two meetings per year bring all the representatives together, but they can also be asked to take part in discussions by the studies department within different working groups.


Students will be asked to nominate their representatives and substitutes in November.

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