Détail du néon

Art at the school

Located in the Louvre Palace, the school is fortunate to be extremely close to the exceptional collections displayed at the museum bearing the same name. But the school itself also welcomes some artworks which support its curriculum.

A beautiful bronze reproduction by Barbedienne (placed in the rotunda room opposite the Imhotep Classroom) and a bust of Jacques Jaujard, director of France’s museums and the Ecole du Louvre between 1940 and 1944 who was instrumental in the French Resistance, made by Georges Saupique, were moved to the school in the 20th century.

The beauty of the new library’s open space - accentuated by high-end furniture and the architect’s lighting work, with sandblasted mirrors reflecting light from the light well - is enhanced by several artworks donated by Mr Majid Boustany to the French government, for the attention of the Ecole du Louvre.

One of them is one of Francis Bacon’s easels which was found in the artist’s studio in Paris’ Birague Street. It symbolises pictural creation and is now located just outside the library. Others include a photograph taken by artist Jesse A. Fernandez showing Francis Bacon in his studio at 7 Reece Mews, London, in 1977. The photograph is displayed at the entrance of the school’s Research centre.

Last but not least, and another exceptional donation from Mr Majid Boustany, are two works by Antony Gormley, in corten steel, especially designed for the school’s library. Witness VII and Witness VIII, made in 2021, witness not only a meditation on the human body, but also act as “stimuli for the students’ thoughts at work,” in the words of the artist himself.

The British artist, whose work is displayed across the world including in London, New York, Sao Paulo and Hong King, is not yet particularly prevalent in France. However, his work Cloud Chain was unveiled to the public during the official opening of the National Archives at Pierrefitte-sur-Seine in 2013. The Rodin Museum also dedicated a monographic exhibition to him in autumn-winter 2023-2024.

Mr Majid Boustany wished to add another donation of contemporary art works, meant for the school’s entrance hall. Architect Antoine Stinco (1934-2023) purposefully kept some areas of this mineral and monumental space empty, leaving a big white square overlooking the main staircase leading to the library, amphitheatres and classrooms.

A piece of art made by François Morellet in 2001, π baroco n°2 bleu, 1=45° (angles du même côté), 7 éléments,, which is a installation made of blue neon tubes, was chosen for the space. It is particularly adapted to the proportions of the room.

It was also joined by a sculpture of Caesar, a double bronze bust called La Marseillaise (1997) which symbolises the dialogue between two eras, the romantic passion and the contemporary outlook in a republican setting.