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Second cycle at the École du Louvre

The second cycle of the École du Louvre takes place over two years, each culminating in a diploma.


The École du Louvre offers courses in art history, archaeology, the history of civilisations, epigraphy, anthropology and museology. The first year of the second cycle is devoted to the study of museology and art history. The second year of the second cycle deepens the learning in art history applied to collections and in museology, and broadens the studies to sensitive goods (provenance and international issues), the art market, mediation and management of works and preventive conservation.

First year of second cycle

Focusing on museology, the first year of the second cycle at the École du Louvre enables students to acquire knowledge in the field of museums and heritage, through an analytical and critical approach to the scientific, administrative and technical sectors linked to the conservation, study, presentation and dissemination of heritage.

Divided into two semesters, it also includes art history, applied modern languages, seminars and initial research experience with the writing of a dissertation.

Second year of second cycle

The second year of the École du Louvre's second cycle enables students to choose one of six courses (two 'Research' and four 'Professional'). This degree is accredited at Master level.

Each pathway includes seminars, the writing of a research dissertation or an internship dissertation depending on the pathway, a compulsory internship and a language course.

  • Art history applied to collections
  • MuseologyArt market
  • Mediation
  • Management of works of art and preventive conservation
  • Sensitive objects, provenance and international issues

Admission by equivalence

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Double diplomas

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