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Equivalent prior education

The three ways to apply to the Ecole du Louvre’s undergraduate programme, referred to as the first cycle, are the entrance exam (with pre-selection on Parcoursup, a national platform for students to apply for higher education spaces) to join the first year, the bank of literary exams (Banque d’epreuves litteraires [BEL], which is an entrance exam to the Ecole Normale Superieure schools in France but also allows students to join partner higher education establishments) to join the third year and the possibility to join the second year of the school’s third cycle if previous education is equivalent to the school’s first and second cycles.

Admission on equivalent prior education

Applications to join after equivalent prior education can be made by students who have attended universities or higher education establishments in France or abroad.

Applications must be submitted online using the electronic application form available by clicking here.
The form is available between 15 April and 31 May inclusive.

Selection criteria:
The schooling committee assesses the file’s quality by taking into account the following criteria:

  • prior education and whether it includes art history, archaeology and anthropology;
  • coherence between the path the student is considering and prior education;
  • the excellence of the academic results
  • the candidate’s motivation. Their cover letter must be one page long, detailed, well-argued and must outline the candidate’s project.
  • the number of available places at the school.


  • First cycle joining fee (2023-2024): 438 euros.
  • Second cycle joining fee (2023-2024): 633 euros.

The fee is different for professional apprentices.

Further information on equivalent prior education

Students who have received a museology, art history or archaeology diploma from French or foreign universities can request to join the Ecole du Louvre, should certain conditions be met.

All admission requests on grounds of equivalent prior education are submitted to the schooling committee.

The committee comprises:

  • the director of the school;
  • the director of studies at the school;
  • the head of the schooling department;
  • three teachers and a third party appointed by the studies and research council.

Convened by the school’s director, the committee studies the applications submitted by students having diplomas from other high education institutions in France or abroad. It reports to the studies and research council.

The committee’s decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

The application form is available online from mid-April.

More information to join the first cycle.
More information to join the second cycle.
More information to join the third cycle.
More information to join the course preparing to exams to become a conservator.

Once the form is submitted, the student’s overall file must be sent to the school no later than May 31.


Schooling service (equivalent prior education)

[email protected] or 66