Etudiants devant l'Ecole du Louvre

Organisation and governing body

The École du Louvre is a higher education establishment offered by the department for Culture. It used to be part of the Directorate of Museums of France, but was attached to the Union of National Museums 1981.
In 1998, the school became a full-fledged public establishment of an administrative nature (Decree No. 97-1085 of November 25, 1997 relating to the École du Louvre).
Its official headquarters is the Louvre Palace.

Organisational chart


  • Claire Barbillon,
    Director of the École du Louvre, university professor
  • Annaïg Chatain,
    Director of studies, chief heritage conservator 
  • Sandrine Arrecgros,
    General secretary, principal attaché
  • François-René Martin,
    Research Center coordinator
  • Bertrand Meyrat,
    Head of the communications and sponsorship department
  • Chrystel Jeandot,
    Head of the education engineering mission


  • Alexandre Asanovic,
    Head of documentary services, chief library conservator
  • Françoise Blanc,
    Publishing manager
  • Sandra Décimo,
    Head of the external student and further education department
  • Julien Frémont,
    Head of the international relations department
  • Isabelle Bador,
    Head of the education department


  • Frédéric Pruvost,
    Head of the reception, technical assistance and security department
  • NN,
    Head of IT department
  • Sandie Vogt,
    Head of the legal and finance department
  • Alice Arnal-Durand,
    Head of the human resources department


  • Orlando Colonneaux,

Board of Directors


Camille Morineau,
President of the board of directors
Conservator, exhibition curator, AWARE (Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions) founder


Ex-officio members:

  • Jean-François Hebert,
    Director General of heritage and architecture at the Ministry of Culture
  • Christelle Creff,
    Head of the French museums department at the Ministry of Culture
  • Noël Corbin,
    General delegate for transmission, territories and cultural democracy at the Ministry of Culture
  • Laurence des Cars,
    President and director of the Public Establishment of the Louvre museum, general heritage conservator


Appointed members:

  • Gilles Étrillard,
    Company president,
    qualified member chosen by the Ministry of Culture
  • Sylvie Corréard,
    General director of the Union of Decorative Arts,
    qualified member chosen by the Ministry of Culture
  • Benoît Potier,

    Chairman of the board of directors of Air Liquide,
    qualified member chosen by the Ministry of Culture

  • Michelle Bubenicek,
    Director of the École nationale des chartes,
    qualified member appointed on the recommendation of the Ministry of Higher Education
  • Laurent Le Bon,
    President of the Centre Pompidou,
    representative of the body of conservators


Staff representatives

  • Marion Turgis
    École du Louvre
  • Noémie Husson
    École du Louvre


Teachers' representative

  • Isabelle Bardiès-Fronty,
    General heritage conservator,
    Cluny Museum-National Museum of the Middle Ages


Student representative

  • Yanis Zinou,
    École du Louvre student


External student representative

  • Thomas Montbabut,
    External student at the École du Louvre

Council of Studies and Research

Ex-officio members:

  • Claire Barbillon,
    University professor, director of the École du Louvre
  • Annaïg Chatain,
    Chief heritage conservator, director of studies at the École du Louvre
  • Séverine Blenner-Michel,
    Director of studies, conservator department, National Heritage Institute


Appointed members:

  • Vincent Lefevre,
    Director of conservation and collections, National Museum of Asian Arts Guimet
  • Sophie Mouquin,
    Lecturer in art history, University of Lille
  • France Nerlich,
    Forerunner of the Daniel Marchesseau Resource and Research Center at the Musée d'Orsay
  • Paul Perrin,
    Director of conservation and collections at the Musée d'Orsay


Teachers’ representatives

  • Isabelle Bardiès-Fronty,
    General heritage conservator,
    Cluny museum-National Museum of the Middle Ages
  • Thibault Boulvain,
    Assistant professor in art history, Sciences Po, Paris
  • Cécilie Champy-Vinas,
    Heritage conservator, Zadkine Museum, Paris
  • Julie Faure,
    Heritage conservator, General Inventory of Cultural Heritage department, 
    Île-de-France Regional Council
  • Aude Nicolas,
    Expert in the Art History and Heritage collections,
    Army heritage representative
  • Hélène Vassal,
    Chief heritage conservator,
    Director of collections support, Louvre museum
  • Valentin Boyer,
    In charge of supervised exercises in front of the works (Egyptology), École du Louvre
  • Karine Kobé-Ramette,
    In charge of supervised exercises in front of the works (Oriental archaeology), École du Louvre


Students’ representatives

  • Luca Colavecchio,
    École du Louvre student
  • Chloé Détrie,
    École du Louvre student
  • Yanis Zinou,
    École du Louvre student

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