La cafétéria de l'École du Louvre

The canteen

The École du Louvre has a canteen its students and researchers can use. It has benefited from an exceptional sponsorship from Majid Boustany.

Introducing the canteen

There is no community life for students, public, teachers or researchers without informal meet-ups - and there is certainly no better place for that than a canteen.
Ours is used and appreciated by many, but we thought its layout could be improved.

While we will never transform it completely into a school restaurant because of issues to do with space, our aim is to ensure it becomes an original “third place” - a social environment out of the home and workplace which is crucial for democracy and a sense of belonging as introduced in Ray Oldenburg's The Great Good Place. The canteen is open for alternative uses.

An exceptional sponsorship

The canteen benefited from the same exceptional sponsorship from Mr Majid Boustany, president of the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation, as the library.

The canteen was expanded and steps which double up as seating were added in the grand hall.

The canteen, which was constantly full during school terms, was expanded with an office and offers a new aesthetic, similar to the additions in the library.

The ambitious project delivered custom-made pieces of furniture across the library and canteen. Made from wood, their first aim is to be functional.

This architectural project was led by Heleen Hart.

In pictures

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