The Institute for European Art History at Heidelberg University and the Ecole du Louvre in Paris, the most prestigious institution of higher education for Art History in France, offer a binational, integrated International Master of Art History and Museology (IMKM). The four-semester-Master-programme combines the complementary competences of both internationally distinguished institutions. The first two semesters will be spent in Paris, where the focus of study lies on the Museology Programme (history of collecting, principles of conservation and restoration, intermediation and administration of cultural heritage etc.), which the Ecole du Louvre has been offering very successfully for many years. In Paris, they have a privileged access to the Louvre and other Parisian or French museums. A written composition of about 50 pages on an art historical or museological issue will complete this education.

The following two semesters in Heidelberg are aimed to train the attendants in methodological basics of academic research and to deepen their analytic-critical abilities. The students will write their final thesis at Heidelberg University with the aid of the outstanding University Library's stock.

The IMKM qualifies students for a professional occupation in the field of international museums and exhibitions as well as in the preservation of monuments and historic buildings. The education also permits an occupational activity in other traditional lines of work for art historians, such as in cultural administration, schools, universities, research, adult education and tourism, journalism (press, publishing, broadcasting, television, online services), art and antique trade and art consulting.

The Franco-German University supports the participants abroad with a monthly grand (300 € each month during 10 months that means 3 000 € for the whole year).

The official beginning for this elite Master course was the Winter Term 2006/2007. In the initial phase, only students from Heidelberg University and Ecole du Louvre were selected. Now, the application procedures are open internationally.
The studies start in the Winter Term at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris. The exams of the 1st and 2nd semesters, with a focus on Museology, are subject to the examination regulations of the Ecole du Louvre. The tests of the 3rd semester and the final thesis are subject to those of the Heidelberg University. Between the two academic years, a (voluntary) internship and a study trip under binational direction are envisioned. In Paris, the teaching language is French, in Heidelberg it is German.

Graphical illustration of the study process

After a successful participation, the Ecole du Louvre awards the students a Diploma of Museology and a Diploma of the 2nd cycle; the University of Heidelberg bestows the "International Master" grade for Art History and Museology. Furthermore, the graduates will get a combined certificate of both cooperating partners and the Franco-German University.

Since 2010/11, up to 15 places for students with Art History as their main subject (i.e where 50% of the courses were in Art History) are offered (about 7 Students from Paris and about 7 Students from Heidelberg).
Table of the admission requirements in each of the two institutions
If you wish to apply at the Ecole du Louvre please send your application before the beginning of March (date as confirmed by postmark) to:
Annaïg Chatain, Academic Director,
Ecole du Louvre.
Palais du Louvre. Porte Jaujard.
75038 Paris Cedex 01

If you wish to apply at Heidelberg University please send your application before the May, 15 (date of the post mark cut-off period) to:
For German or International students with a German degree:
Universität Heidelberg
z. Hd. Frau Belle-Fejsa / Abt. 2.1
Seminarstr. 2
D-69117 Heidelberg
For German or International students with a foreign degree:
Universität Heidelberg
z. Hd. Frau Kuhn / Abt. 7.1
Seminarstr. 2
D-69117 Heidelberg
Before May, 15, application online
from the French students
Personal testimony from the Franco-German University
Complementary information:
- website of Heidelberg University
At the Ecole du Louvre:
Léa Marchal
Service des relations internationales
Ecole du Louvre
Palais du Louvre
Porte Jaujard, Place du Carrousel
75038 Paris cedex 01
+33 (0)1 55 35 19 12
At Heidelberg University:
Eva Léchelle M.A.
Beauftragte für die Partnerschaften des IEK
Departmental Coordinator for International Relations
Netzwerk Kunst und Kultur
Universität Heidelberg
ZEGK - Institut für Europäische Kunstgeschichte
Seminarstraße 4
69117 Heidelberg
+49 (0) 6221 54 2471